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Crab War - Mutate, Multiply and Unleash the Swarm!

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Crab War - Mutate, Multiply and Unleash the Swarm!

If you’re looking for a challenging clicker with great story lines, fantastic art work and loathsome bad guys, Crab War could be the game for you.After centuries of cowering in fear from the brutal reptiles that conquered their home above ground, the Crab War App allows you to grow and command an army of crabs in an attempt to defeat over 50 challenging bosses. The app allows you to create your own unique, strategy of attack as your progress through the levels. Pick and choose from varied Crab Evolution Paths, mutations and abilities.Wipe out dangerous reptiles with your personally designed swarms, pick from shadow, amethyst and emerald swarms to name a few.Each swarm holds a combin…

Yes, you read it right. It's time for Crab War!

News By Jon Jordan, 8 years, 2 months ago