The top 5 gamebooks like 80 Days on Android

By , on December 18, 2014

80 Days has flown around the world on iOS and has finally made its final stop on Android. You'll know that much already because you'll be playing it as I speak, I'm sure. It's an absolutely astounding game with one problem: it ends.

So what we've come up with is a list of alternatives on Android to help you fend off that cold turkey feeling.

1. Banner Saga

Banner Saga isn't strictly a gamebook but definitely takes influence from them during the more talky-bits and for that reason it has to make this cut. As far as I'm converned, any reason to promote Banner Saga is a good one.

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2. Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

This one most certainly is a gamebook and is mighty proud of that fact, wearing its influences right there on its blood-encrusted sleeve. It also has some of the most impressive mobile graphics to date - unusual for a gamebook.

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3. Sorcery!

This one's also by inkle but that's absolutely no reason to leave it off - it's a truly excellent gamebook made in collaboration with Steve Jackson (of Lionhead Studios), Fighting Fantasy, and Games Workshop.

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4. Appointment with FEAR

A comic gamebook which is pretty novel and you'll be playing as a superhero. Judging from this list alone you can see the insane amount of variety in the genre so if you haven't got involved yet, get to it.

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5. The Forest of Doom

Tin Man Games are masters of the gamebook so it's only natural that two of their games appear in this list. This is one of their most recent, and best, to date.

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Have we left one of your favourite Android gamebooks off the list? Get chatting in the comments below!