App Wrap Up (Midweek Edition, 18th June 2012)

By , on July 18, 2012

It's been a week exactly since the last app wrap up, so let's have a look at what games out there look interesting. Remember, we don't know if these games are good or bad, we're just evaluating possible merit based on their trailers (and some might even warrant a full review from us in the future). Without further ado, let's take a look at the latest offerings.

Extreme Flight (TechSoft Ventures)

An air show flight arcade trainer? Fly through the hoops and collect balloons. Based on whether the control scheme is good or bad, this could be a bit of fun.. and hey, it's free!
[App Store Link]

Pig me up (Mad Head Limited)

What kind of fiend would steal a kid's pig? This game looks to be meant for younger players, but it's the breadth of different styles of play in each stage that made us give this a second look.
[App Store Link]

Sprint Challenge (LAMA Produksiyon Yaz. Bil. Tic. Ltd. Sti.)

An endless runner with a beautiful artstyle. That jumping sound effect would get annoying before your first game is up however.
[App Store Link]

Pinball City Paris (Another Way 2Play)

Pinball games have certainly seen a resurgence on the iPhone. Starting with New York and now setting a table in Paris, Pinball City has great visuals and the promise of plenty of bonuses and things to do. Pinball fans should probably give this one a look.
[App Store Link]

Precious Touch 2 (7bit LLC)

A really interesting take on the match three genre. You place the coloured blocks in one of the many columns of this giant see-saw. Each block has a different weight, so you have to worry about weight distribution as well as matching. The thing is, once you make a match, you quickly need to redistribute to stop one side toppling. Our only concern from watching the trailer is that especially in the heat of the moment, it could be very easy to put a block in the wrong column.
[App Store Link]

Doptrix (Stanislav Merezhko)

A simple idea in dropping tetris blocks on a grid that can be rotated and mirrored. Creating a line across the grid removes it. It looks like there are plenty of modes to put novel spins on this concept as well.
[App Store Link]

And that's it for this installment. Keep those submissions coming developers, as part of the fun of the job is always to see what new ideas there are brewing for games. If you decide to try any of these titles, please tell us what you think in the comments. Til next time!