Catch up on Pocket Gamer's latest YouTube videos - (November 16th)

By , on November 16, 2018
Last modified 5 years, 3 months ago

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, friends. It's finally Friday again, the best day of the week, and that means we get to make our 'to do' lists for the weekend. What? You don't make a list? Well then, don't I look foolish?

Rather than me gabbing on at you about what things I'll be doing with my time or what I think you should be doing with yours (answer: anything you damn-well please), I prefer to bring the past week of epic videos from Pocket Gamer's YouTube channel to your attention. Anyone new here – Pocket Gamer's official YouTube channel used to be AppSpy's, but we're all part of the same family so just roll with it and enjoy.

Help! I'm Haunted

Fans of retro platformers should pay close attention to this review, not only 'cos it's got everything you want, but also because it's got a lot more going for it than you'd expect. After being called in to help out a client in trouble, you essentially work as a Ghostbuster-like chap who has to spring through room after room, taking on all sorts of ghouls. Rather than working as one of the more classic, twitchy platformers, its clever controls make it more tactical and engaging.

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Moving past its rather visceral name, Spitkiss has surprised a bunch of us since it's actually a pretty good game with interesting themes. As you might expect from the title, Spitkiss is all about getting your – er – saliva from one lover to another in each level. That may sound rather simple, but after a few spitty, kissy levels the difficulty starts to ramp up and you're testing your reaction time as much as your strategic thinking.

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Golf Peaks

As I mentioned on my 'Top 5 golf games' list earlier today, Golf Peaks is a new golfing arrival, and one that's very clever indeed. Rather than aiming freely and trying to get your power right, you've got a set number of cards which give you manoeuvres and the number of tiles you can move. You choose the one you want, swipe the direction you want to go, and use strategy rather than skill to get to the hole.

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Any of you who've played Philipp Stollenmayer's games so far will know how he loves to take simple controls and use them to create something rather unique. See/Saw has vibes of simpler platform games like Super Meat Boy, and it's wonderfully addictive. Since you can't jump or do anything besides moving forwards, backwards, and tilting, you need to use the environment to the best of your ability.

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