Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s : Beginner's guide and must know tips and tricks

By , on August 25, 2021
Last modified 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s is an off-road simulation that provides realistic vehicle control and environment physics. You can also customize your rig according to your liking. Upgrade your vehicle to your heart's content and enjoy the experience of riding a fully equipped beast on various terrains. Similar to the previous titles released by Mageeks Apps & Games, this game also continues the legacy of being one of the finest games in the market.

Here we are with a basic guide and some tips and tricks for beginners to understand how the Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s works.

Things you will see on your home panel

After you enter the game, the main screen will provide you with all the basic information about your default vehicle. A default vehicle is provided, which you can upgrade to its final level. You can also buy various more vehicles which are bound to be better than the default one. The main screen will also show you the current stats of your vehicle like Engine, Max Speed, Acceleration, and Durability. You will also find your currency on the top right. The modification, appearance, and painter tab is present at the bottom.

Some Tips and Tricks

Although the game runs on a pretty simple simulation algorithm, there are some tricks that will help you proceed in the game more efficiently and effectively. One of the main tricks to a better gameplay experience is to max out your vehicle in terms of stats, upgrade the engine, acceleration, max speed, and durability to its max potential. You can achieve this by completing different terrain quests in the game and earning coins/currency. Completing checkpoints and finishing within the time limit provided to complete a level will ensure you maximum rewards.

One of the main strategies will be to properly complete the quest and try to buy new vehicles suitable for a particular terrain. For example, a Quad Bike is suitable for muddy terrain.

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Use the physics to your advantage

The in-game physics is quite realistic; hence you can use it to your advantage. The vehicle physics also has a weight factor, so using a heavy vehicle will cause you to struggle uphill. Using a lighter vehicle will ensure uphill climbs to be smoother, and downhill runs to be speedy. Try to find downhill terrains that will always keep your vehicle in momentum, causing you to complete all the quests on time, ensuring double the rewards. This will also be helpful in breaking time records.

How to upgrade effectively during the start

When you are a new player, always focus on how to cut costs in repairs. This being an off-road simulation game, you need to focus on the vehicle's durability at the start. Then upgrading the rest will cause the best possible outcome. The second most important thing to upgrade is the acceleration to achieve that quick initial boost and jumpstart. These should be followed by engine and the max speed upgrades.

Always follow the direction market

This is an open-world simulation, so getting confused and lost is very common for new players. A directional arrow above the vehicle will guide you to every checkpoint. You just need to follow the arrow, and you will reach your desired location without any hassles.

So that was it for the beginners guide for Offroad PRO. I hope you got to know how to make this game more fun with our beginner's guide. Now go and explore the various terrains with your beast rig! You can also check out the detailed review of the game.

Offroad PRO - Clash of 4x4s is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


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