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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons iPad Review

Review 505 Games (US), Inc. By Harry Slater, 4 years, 11 months ago
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons iPad Review

Starbreeze Studios' Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was a multi award winning puzzle adventure game across many platforms. But does it fare well on iOS?  …

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Drawn to Life Review

Review 505 Games (US), Inc. By Alex Beech, 6 years, 3 months ago
Drawn to Life Review

Drawn to Life was a originally released back in 2007 on DS. It was based around the tantalising idea of letting you draw characters and items directly into a game world. Seven years on, the game has now made its way on to the App Store. All this port delivers, however, is proof that some things are best left in the past. Despite the fact that creation is the the game's main hook, it is a limited mechanic. Each of your creations must conform to a specific size and shape, limiting your…

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Terraria Review

Terraria Review

Terraria has been a popular PC title since 2011, only making its way to consoles and iOS this year. Its brand of expansive exploration combined with creation and crafting abilities have has earned it the label "the 2D Minecraft”. As it's already well-established as an enjoyable craft-'em-up, our main concern was whether the game had made the leap to the App Store in one piece. The answer: mostly. You start by customising your character's features and inhabiting one of three rand…

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Way of the Dogg Review

Review 505 Games (US), Inc. By James Gilmour, 7 years, 3 months ago
Way of the Dogg Review

It may surprise you to hear this, but Way of the Dogg, a blacksploitation, time manipulating rhythm fighter starring rasta rapper Snoop Lion, isn't zany enough. You'd think a game that casts Snoop as a kung fu guru who possesses the secrets of time travel would be chock full of psychedelic visuals, crazy characters, and inventive special moves. Instead we have a perfectly competent rhythm game, one which arguably works better on iOS than it does on consoles, but which fails to take f…

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Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat $4.99

App 1.2

Portal Knights

Portal Knights $4.99

App 1.5.3

Battle Islands: Commanders

Battle Islands: Commanders FREE!

App v1.6.1


Ember $9.99

App 1.043

Battle Ages

Battle Ages FREE!

App v3.1.2

Chimpact Squash

Chimpact Squash FREE!

App 1.1

Shopkins: Top Trumps

Shopkins: Top Trumps $2.99

App 1.0

Hidden Heroes

Hidden Heroes FREE!

App 10

Terraria World Map

Terraria World Map FREE!

App 1.0

Mad Hatter Party Slots

Mad Hatter Party Slots FREE!

App 1.0


SoccerDie FREE!

App 1.0.1