Angry Birds Seasons Review

By , on October 24, 2010

Angry Birds Seasons
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4 out of 5


  • Simple and fun physics puzzles; no change to the Angry Birds formula.
  • 45 new levels in a Halloween theme.


  • Poor value and difficulty scaling for those who don't own Angry Birds.


Angry Birds Halloween is exactly what it says on the box - it's Angry Birds with a Halloween theme; if you own the original this is an easy to recommend game, but if you don't it's best to start with Angry Birds instead.

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It's hard to argue against the popularity of a game like Angry Birds and with 195 levels to master it's a heck of a great purchase. However it seems odd that the Halloween special edition has been released separately and for the same price as the original you get less content with no real change to the formula.

If you're already addicted to Angry Birds then you'll hardly need an introduction to the physics-based gameplay, however if you're one of the few iDevice owners that still hasn't tried this title then the idea is a simple one: Fling various birds from a slingshot to take revenge against the pigs that are hiding inside  their tenuously built fortifications. Each of the various birds have different effects, some of which need to be activated with a tap mid-flight, but a combination of carefully aimed shots and a bit of lucky are all you need to complete a level.

The usual bright and cheerful environments from the original have been transformed in to a Halloween landscape complete with ethereal lanterns, an eery forest background and even pumpkin-based armor to protect the pigs.

This may be nit-picking, but it's hard to fall in love with what amounts to a re-skin and a handful of levels could have been an in-game purchase. For fans of Angry Birds, the Halloween special edition certainly doesn't mess with the formula, but it doesn't improve on it either. Grab a copy if you're keen on more levels, but stick to Angry Birds instead if you haven't tried it yet.


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