Pinch Peeps Review

By , on May 16, 2012

Pinch Peeps
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3 out of 5


  • Cute and colorful; definitely appealing to younger players.
  • Especially in endless mode, there is a modicum of difficulty.


  • A rather simple game that doesn't offer much.
  • The one music loop outstays its welcome rather quickly.


Meant for younger players, Pinch Peeps develops hand-eye coordination by smooshing together bright and colorful flowery things. More seasoned players wont find anything to keep their interest here.

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Simple can often mean better, especially with the iPhone's unique strengths when it comes to control schemes. Pinch Peeps is not what we would call a puzzle game, but more a hand-eye coordination tool for younger gamers, where the goal is to use your thumb and finger to pair up cute and colorful creatures for your place on the high score leaderboards.

There are two game modes available; timed, and endless. In timed mode the goal is to create as many pairs as fast as possible to stay the hand of the ever decreasing clock in the corner. Interestingly enough this mode seems to never really get off the ground due to the game ending before the fun can really start. That's what endless mode is for. You have three lives, and either missing a pairing or hitting an obstacle will extinguish one of these lives. Soon enough black bars  will split the screen that require precision curved pinching skills.

And this is where the simplistic control scheme becomes somewhat engaging. Most of the early pinch pairing is a straight line affair but once the bars come into play, you must curve at least one peep around the bar to meet the approaching peep on the other side. It may sound and look a little funny, but once you've accomplished this a couple times, you'll find it feels quite natural and elegant. Alongside the curving, and the clearing of bombs, sometimes there is challenge in just making sure that the peeps line up and don't just pass each other like ships in the night.

OK, so this is a game for younger players, and most gamers would not be interested in what Pinch Peeps has to offer unless they have children themselves. With that said, this is a cute and colorful hand-eye coordination trainer that should delight those interested in it, as long as the solitary music loop doesn't drive you insane.


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