AppSpy's Best Games of 2014 - Danny's Top 5

By , on December 31, 2014

Just before 2015 hits, I'd like to share my top five iOS games of the year with y'all.

It's perhaps no surprise that every entry on my list went down a storm when they were streamed on our Twitch channel.

Maybe you won a code for one of these from us, or perhaps you've even played one with us - in any case these are all worth blowing all the iTunes credit you receive this Kwanzaa.

Dargon Dragon Quest VIII

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Dragon Quest VIII was one of my favourite PlayStation 2 games, and this is a fantastic, albeit slightly chopped up, port. Yes it's vertically oriented, yes the voice tracks and some music has been cut, but the game itself is still very solid and rammed full of enough content to keep you busy into 2016.

World of Tanks Blitz

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Having never played World of Tanks before, Blitz blew my mind at first. Strategic and tense battles kept me busy while I waited for my ridiculously sweet lattes to cool down. Would be my game of the year if it were possible to play with a team of friends rather than just one, plus a bunch of randoms.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS

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Despite playing iterations of Monster Hunter since the Japanese original on PSP, I'm still hopelessly pap at it. Capcom delivered a souped-up port with better controls than the original, even without an MFi controller. The Wi-Fi multiplayer's a bit wobbly, but teaming up and bashing monsters has never been so much fun.

Hitman GO

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This is the hiding behind potted plants board game simulator I've been waiting for all my life. Props to Squeenix for coming up with something new and out of the box for a familiar franchise. Hitman Go is tactical, simple, and engrossing.

FTL: Faster Than Light

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I'm not big on space. Or spaceships. However, James' secret late-night streams of FTL on Twitch caught my attention and hooked me in. You never know what's around the next er... space... corner, or how you'll eventually asplode. Another great port that sits pride of place on iPad.