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X-Plane Extreme Review

X-Plane Extreme Review

The X-Plane series for iPhone has always offered a top quality flying experience. Like its predecessors, X-Plane Extreme delivers once again however this time with long awaited addition of combat aircraft. As with other X-Plane titles, X-Plane Extreme takes full advantage of the iPhones built in accelerometers for its flight controls. As you would expect, tiliting the iPhone up and down controls pitch and yaw while tilting left and right control steering. This scheme works perfectly a…

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Control Pad for X-Plane

Control Pad for X-Plane FREE!

App 1.05

X-Plane: Starship

X-Plane: Starship FREE!

App 1.15

X-Plane Flight Simulator

X-Plane Flight Simulator FREE!

App 12.1.1

Bloodhound SSC

Bloodhound SSC $0.99

App 1.04

Running of the Bulls

Running of the Bulls $0.99

App 9.693


Jet-Skier $0.99

App 9.693

X-Plane Seaplane

X-Plane Seaplane $4.99

App 9.710

X-Plane Airshow

X-Plane Airshow $4.99

App 9.75

EFIS-App for iPad

EFIS-App for iPad $19.99

App 10.10

X-Plane HDEF-4G

X-Plane HDEF-4G $9.99

App 9.85

Giant Fighting Robots for iPad

Giant Fighting Robots for iPad $4.99

App 9.60

X-Plane for iPad

X-Plane for iPad $9.99

App 9.84