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Carnivores: Ice Age Pro Review

Carnivores: Ice Age Pro Review

If you're not contented by hunting ancient beasts like dinosaurs, perhaps you'll be more interested in taking on early mammals in Tatem Games and Action Forms' latest release, Carnivores: Ice Age. While the formula hasn't changed drastically from the original Dinosaur Hunter, attempting to take on predator legends like the Saber-tooth Tiger has an appeal that's matched only by the skill with which you'll need to track and take them down. With the game set in a first-person perspective…

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Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Pro Review

Review Tatem Games By Andrew Nesvadba, 13 years, 8 months ago
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Pro Review

The scope and size of 'Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter' is almost difficult to truly take in on your first attempt to play this sci-fi hunting simulator by Tatem Games. This isn't an action-filled FPS and you'll need patience, skill and the steel will of a hunter to truly appreciate this mammoth title. The game's basic controls are relatively standard for an FPS, however instead of the usual health-gauge, ammo indicator or rack of guns the interface is streamlined to provide you with all…

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