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Gemini Strike Review

Review Armor Games Inc By James Gilmour, 8 years, 6 months ago
Gemini Strike Review

While developer Cave has got the vertically-scrolling shooter market pretty much sewn up, games like Dodonpachi come with a fairly stiff price tag. Enter Gemini Stike, an arcade-inspired blaster with lots of lasers, big bosses, but zero barrier to entry. But can a free-to-play shmup really hold its own against the premium powerhouses already available on iOS? Jon Munday from Pocket Gamer thinks shooter fans may find room in their heart for Gemini Stike's old-skool charms, albeit with…

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Siege Hero Review

Review Armor Games Inc By Dave Flodine, 11 years, 7 months ago
Siege Hero Review

There's no denying the success of Angry Birds, and obviously other developers are going to try their hand at the style of gameplay that was popularized by that game, but what about the developer that inspired Angry Birds? Armor Games, creators of Crush the Castle are back with a whole new perspective on the physics destruction genre with Siege Hero. Siege Hero approaches things from a first person perspective. There are still enemies held up in rickety dwellings made of wood, stone, a…

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:Shift!2: Review

Review Armor Games Inc By Andrew Nesvadba, 12 years, 3 months ago
:Shift!2: Review

In a continued effort to bring their free Flash based titles to the App Store, Armor Games have recently launched the sequel to their popular screen-flipping puzzle-platformer ':Shift:', adding in a whole lot more content and some surprisingly interesting features that could help to change how the genre is treated in the future. The gameplay hasn't shifted much from the original and players will need to flip their character between the black and white sections of the screen (inverting…

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Hedgehog Launch Review

Review Armor Games Inc By Andrew Nesvadba, 12 years, 4 months ago
Hedgehog Launch Review

If you're like me, you're probably a regular denizen of popular free Flash game haunts like Armor Games. If so, then you'll probably also be familiar with Hedgehog Launch and as such you'll need little in the way of convincing to spend some time flinging this fur-ball in to the wild blue yonder. In Hedgehog Launch your aim is to get the little bundle of spines in to space, breaking Earth's orbit once and for all. To initiate a launch you'll need to drag and release the sling holding y…

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Crush the Castle Review

Review Armor Games Inc By Damian Chiappara, 13 years, 6 months ago
Crush the Castle Review

Crush the Castle is a port of the online flash game of the same name for the iPhone. Your goal is to launch a boulder from a trebuchet into a castle to knock down the foundations or walls so that the people inside the building are crushed. Your goal is to kill all people in and around the castle in as few shots as possible to earn medals. The controls are simple, tap the screen to start your trebuchet and tap again to release the boulder. You must time your release according to each m…

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