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Oscura Review

Oscura Review

Silhouette can make for a very striking and distinct artistic style in games. What makes things even better is when there's a thematic reason for such a choice. In the world of Oscura, light keeps all manner of nasty creatures at bay. When the lighthouse shatters, its crystals spread across the land, shrouding everything in darkness. Now these nasties are out and wandering. Bearing a lit torch, it's your job to light the lanterns of each level (which act as checkpoints), collect all cr…

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iPark It! - AddictingGames Review

Review Viacom International Inc. By Damian Chiappara, 14 years, 11 months ago
iPark It! - AddictingGames Review

iPark It! is a puzzle game where players must park a car correctly in a small blue area. Players must try and navigate a parking lot as fast as they can without hitting any walls or other obstacles in order to get the best park possible. The neater your park, the higher your score will be. Players control their car by using the throttle switch to move forward and reverse and then rotating the steering wheel to steer. Players must use both effectively in order to drive and park as quic…

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